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Beware of the changes, the database there is from the old but the site's purpose has changed completely and there are now foids & chads, hence the purpose of this new forum to recapture disgruntled UGLY men.

The graph leu posted on


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Dec 22, 2018
I get a 503 error every time I try to log into so I can't post it there, but it's very clear that the banning and unmodding of towncel was the CLEAR milestone for the site going down

Not the reason, but the symptom

The symptom of FIC and robtical banning 80% of initial blackpilled users, and ANYONE who disagrees with horsefucking

Which brings me to my next point, if you criticise the fact that horsefucker has sex 3 times a week, (with a horse's "pussy" which is 99% similar to human pussy) and he is a total and utter fakecel, he wil ban you, OR he will say "HAHAHAHAHA I SEE YOU EVNY ME BUDDY BOYO, HAHAAHA" like someone would find that response okay if you criticised sargentincel - if he had sex every week

On top of this, Leu said FeminismIsCancer should make me the admin of to prove myself - this couldn't work , it's all already HARD fucked up by bluepilled shitheads

How can you POSSIBLY say tolerating a sex haver isn't bluepilled and cucked? Another characteristic of the mods is that they DON'T listen to reason, just too emotional to nuke the sites, because their worthless "career" as a mod is too valuable to them

Oh god, I wish I nuked the site when I was a mod on